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Nitika Mendiratta, Director of Reviving Humanity is the Owner, Editor and Publisher of the Familly Magazine - "God Bless Our Home".

Why God Bless Our Home? You would agree that work pressure, high expectations, excessive competition, not enough quality time are causing increasing stress on our family today. As parents you must also be feeling guilty about it. Further, increasing violence and insensitivity in Television and Movies is diminishing sense of belongingness in our society. Drugs and alcohol abuse is both cause and result of family demoralization and devastating our family culture.

Do you want children to have stronger and understanding relationships? Do you want children to feel blessed and impart rich value culture in a fun and entertaining way? Do you want youth to love their family and see whole world as one family? Do you want our families to be more loving and communicative? Do you support a multi faith society - where all religions peacefully co-exist?

"God Bless Our Home" is our attempt to set things right, to revive and strengthen family values and family ties. It will bring together your family, with love, smiles and amuse. It is our hope that this magazine will reduce the tensions and make our society, our families cooperative and happier through healthy and nurturing literature and good role models to look up to. Home is not just our close family, but also our country and our planet - We invite you to be part of Happy Family Movement called, "God Bless Our Home".

Some famous people interviewed by "God Bless Our Home" include:



Partial List of Schools (alphabetical) who've subscribed (Print) of "God Bless Our Home", include:

Air Force Bal Bharati (Lodhi Road); Aadharshila Vidyapeeth (Pitam Pura); Bal Bharati Public School (Dwarka); Bal Bhavan International, (Dwarka); Bhatnagar International (Vasant Kunj); Carmel Convent (Chanakyapuri); Don Bosco (Alaknanda); Delhi Public School, (RK Puram); Delhi United Christian School (Civil Lines); Father Agnel (Gautam Nagar); Father Agnel School (Noida); GD Goenka School (Vasant Kunj); GD Salwan School (Old Rajinder Nagar); Great Mission Teacher Training Institute (Dwarka); Indian School (Sadiq Nagar); JD Tytler School (New Rajinder Nagar); JM International School (Dwarka); Learning Ladders (Gautam Nagar); Lancer Convent (Rohini); Manav Sthali School (New Rajinder Nagar); Mount Carmel (Dwarka); OPG World School (Dwarka); Paramount International (Dwarka); Prince Public School, (Rohini); Prince Public School (Buddh Vihar); St. Georges School, (Alaknanda); St. Gregorious School (Dwarka); Shri Venkateshwara International (Dwarka); St. Xavier’s School (Civil Lines); Sachdeva Public School (Rohini); and more...


In "God Bless Our Home", the content is presented into 6 characters/sections, namely: Grandfather, Grandmother, Daddy, Mummy, Brother and Sister. It is a magazine of the family, for the family and by the family. These 6 characters are presented as real characters of a real family. Every time a new family publishes their own magazine, according to their own thinking, likes and dislikes. Students can also email these families and interact Each family member has his/her own email address for interaction/ communication. 75% of the content is focused on three key areas: (1) God & Faith, (2) Family Bonding/Focus; and (3) Student Learning or related topics. In addition there are some student/family relevant current affairs, News Items, Comics, Jokes, in short magazine is full of Love smiles and amuse.

"God Bless Our Home" Magazine is focused on God, Family and Young Minds An full of new and relevant topics, current affairs, interview of leaders/achievers. Our Magazine is a spiritual, family oriented, creative and intelligent educational material that promotes right minded living through universal values of truth, love, compassion and non-violence. Our Magazine is Multi faith, takes inspiration/stories/wisdom from all religions. It fosters sensitivity and understanding relationships at home and in society. Through our articles, illustrations and themes, we give value education and spread love, happiness, and peace in our relationships, our family and our world. God Bless Our Home encourages thinking in simple and easy to understand English. Full of Love, Smiles and Amuse - Comics, jokes, dialogues and Stories. Make your family feel blessed and learn rich culture of humanity. It’s a Happy Family Movement that bridges countries, nature and global village.

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