Reviving Humanity is an Innovation Driven Technology Company. Keywords that best describe our work are: Online Media, Print Media and Print Publications, God Bless Our Home (Our Print Magazine), Dot Com Entertainment, Emotional Fools (Francophone Website), Interactive Fiction, Technology for Disabled People, E-Books/Audio/Video Books, Talking Books, Face of Future Machines, Technology for the Disabled, Interactive and Intelligent Machine Interfaces, Online Surveys and Marketing Research, E-Learning and Online Education, Consultancy to Schools and Colleges/Institutes, Online Course Management, Content Development for Radio, TV and Internet, Emotional Machines, E-Family, E-Cloning, E-Pets, E-Family, E-Cognitive Interactive. Please Click here to read more.
Reviving Family by a prayer called "God Bless Our Home" -A Print and online magazine since 2012, is our attempt to set things right, to revive and strengthen family values and family ties. The magazine brings together families - with love, smiles and amuse; nurturing cooperative and happier family relationships. Home is not just our close family, but also our country and our planet - We invite you to be part of Happy Family Movement called, "God Bless Our Home". Our Print magazine is subscribed by 70+ reputed schools in New Delhi/NCR region. Please visit our website: for details or please click here to read more.
Reviving Internet through Virtual Communities, the future of web. Creatiing online human communities, an online human network that can solve many business and social challenges. For example, is one such project, which kints together, unifies indian francophones and nurtures an interactive virtual Francophone community. exchange thoughts and knowledgebase of french art, language culture, lifestyle, thinking and related news and current affairs in franccophone nations and infuse the spirit of life, emotions and humanity into the vast universe of electronic miniscule particles. Please click here to read more.
Reviving Education by using Information technology for changing the learning, teaching, training and its design and methodologies. Our Consultancy on IT based School Governance - Administration and Management encourages holistic education, e-learning/online education, innovative technology based teaching aids and learning tools, online curriculum delivery and management. Our directors have worked with Udyam, a school for severely mentally challenged children in Faridabad, Haryana (India) and also with Vidya Sanskar International School in Faridabad, Haryana to make it a truly global project. Please click here to read more.
Reviving Humanity strongly believes in supporting compassion work organizationa and supporting human rights and social justice, as its social responsibility, Role of social work is evolving from fixing the problem to prevention and early intervention. Our Director, Nitika is a strong and kind voice that represents social work. Revival of Social Work should be based on demographics and dynamics, research and scientific advancements, alternative methods and intervention, technology services, social justice, advocacy, community work, de-professionalism, global and environmental sustainability. Please click here to for more.
Reviving hope and possibilities of people with developmental disabilities by offering life changing technology based solutions. In close association with Society for Advance Study in Rehabilitation (SASR), in Faridabad, Haryana we prepared two online knowledge portals: whatspecialpeoplewant dot com and rehabilitationindia dot com for parents, teachers and professionals in rehablitation india community. Also an oniline magazine that gives news, biews and reviews related to employement, disability training, games sports and related events, health, aging, family, nutrition, inclusion and assessibility information updates. Please Click here to read more.
Reviving Philosophy - We churn out new truths, new view points and new ideas based on latest scientific inventions, innovations, research studies, discoveries and experiments. These new ideas contrasting and/or counter balance to some of the ancient or existing literature or philosophy. Point is to have a wide range of ideas available and also some new ideas that are tried and tested on scientific parameters with a humanist perspective - this can be very valueable because often the traditional thinking or available knowledge or philosophical maxim is not informative enough to give us detailed guidance. Please Click here to read more.
Reviving Entertainment through Artificial Intelligence coupled with interactive fiction is the future of story telling, future the next generation of dot com entertainment. Intelligent Chat Robots based on AI will be a strong constituent in next generation of interactive entertainment and story telling. For example a story telling by machines which could talk in human language and based on human response, machine could make a new unique story for each human participant. To know about Our E-Family Project, E-Pets and other innovation dot com entertainment solutions for the world wide web, please click here to read more.
Reviving technology - Making machines and robots, less like machines and more like humans by imparting emotional and spiritual intelligence. Machines are changing human society and society is chaning machines. Difference beween man and machine is diminishing. Machines and robots are increasingly becoming our “practical assistants. The next level up, in terms of enhancing the quality of life of humans, is for robots to serve as life companions, as e-pets, as family members, as companions, as friends or as our own clones, e-clones. Please click here to read more about our research and development.
Reviving Books by enabling author-preneurs! Let's change the way books are created and together add more life, more art, design and human content by publishing e-books, animation, training and teaching e-tools, audio books, multimedia and video books. Do you want to publish an e-book? We offer editing, publishing, designing, art and illusration Services. Our Director, Nitika has designed syllabus, curriculum, study and reference material for various Government and Private Institutes on topics related to Special Education, developmental disability management and IT. Please Click here to know more.
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Physicians consider saving lives as a duty; Soldier considers saving the country as a duty; the government considers serving people as a duty; Lovers of God consider Reviving Humanity as a duty; Synthesizing technology with humanity, we are Reviving Humanity!

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